Common Causes Of Leaky Faucets: San Diego Plumbing

A steady leak of a faucet is a common household problem. And, it may not seem like a needed fix. However, a leaky faucet can waste up to five gallons of water a day. This can add up to some extra dollars.

Types of Faucets

The main types of faucets include ceramic disc, cartridge and rotary ball. How a faucet is designed controls how it affects water flow. So, different types of faucets may determine on what type of fix you need. Ceramic disc faucets use ceramic discs with a robber O ring that can wear out quickly. Cartridge faucets are very popular. This is the type of faucet with a handle that you lift up to turn the water on and off. Its design is more complex than a ceramic disc faucet. There are O rings at each end, and usually a leak occurs from the base. A rotary ball faucet is a simple design with O ring construction. As a result, they are the easiest to repair. The main cause of a leak in a rotary ball faucet is a worn O ring.

Common Causes Of Leaky Faucets: San Diego Plumbing

Worn out O rings are the main culprit in a leaky cartridge faucet. This ring is like a gasket that seals the gaps. Over time, the rings wear out and there may be hot and cold water issues mixing or a leak at the base. The entire cartridge will have to removed to determine if the entire cartridge needs to be replaced. A loose part is another common cause of leaky faucets. There are many parts in faucets that need to work in sync. If there is a leak near the base, it’s likely caused by a loose nut or ring. The springs or seals may need to be replaced, too.

When it comes to a leaky faucet, washer issues may also be the culprit. When the water is turned on, the washer presses against the valve seat. Repetitive motion can cause a washer to wear down. In addition, rubber seals can wear down and result in a leaky faucet.

Sediment and corrosion can cause a leaky faucet. Corrosion occurs when sediment builds up in the faucet. It affects the faucet connections like the valve seat. Typically, when this happens, there is a leak around the spout area. The sediment needs to be cleaned out in this case. Lastly, broken pipes or fittings in the plumbing system may be to blame for a leaky faucet.

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