Water Heater Maintenance: San Diego Plumbing

Water Heater Maintenance: San Diego Plumbing

Water heaters do a lot of work to keep your household running smoothly. They provide warm showers, clean clothes and clean dishes. With proper maintenance, you can keep your water heater running properly for about 15 years. Annual water heater servicing and a little TLC will also give your water heating more efficiency and greater performance.

The Maintenance of Water Heaters

For tank water heaters, the sediment buildup in the tank should be removed once a year. Sediment interferes with your water heater’s ability to warm up the water. To do this, just turn off the cold water supply and open the drain to allow the collecting water to run into a bucket. If the water looks cloudy or is smelly, it’s best to call a local professional to find out why. If it’s a tankless water heater, limescale can still build up on the elements and pipes. Again, this reduces efficiency. A tankless water heater should be flushed with a gentle acidic solution like vinegar. This will dislodge and dilute debris deposits.

The anode rod on the water heater should be checked once a year. Often, the anode rod can easily corrode. Just loosen the hex head screw on the rod and remove it. If more than six inches of the steel is visible or there’s limescale buildup, it should be changed.

Water heaters need adequate space to work right. For gas water heaters, there should be proper vent placement to release gases, including carbon monoxide. If you’re unsure about having to do any of these things, just call San Diego Plumbing Repair. It’s important to note that regular water heater maintenance will save you money in the long run.

Common Water Heater Problems

You may have little hot water or no hot water at all. You can try turning up the temp on the tank’s thermostat to fix this problem. If you don’t get more hot water and it’s gas-powered, it might be that the pilot light has blown out. This may be due to a faulty pilot control valve or a faulty thermocouple. This type of repair should be done by a plumbing pro.

If your water tank is noisy, it may be due to several problems. It can be due to a buildup of sediment or the heating element may be starting to burn out. If your water tank starts to leak, it just may be time to invest in a new one. You certainly don’t want a 60 or 40 gallon tank draining into your utility room or basement.

If you’re seeking annual maintenance for your water heater, need a water heater repair or are just looking for a new water heater, turn to the plumbing pros at San Diego Plumbing Repair. They do new installations, too. They offer top brands for electric, gas and solar water heaters in addition to water heater maintenance plans. San Diego Plumbing has certified plumbers and years of experience. These are the experts to turn to for all of your water heater needs.